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Hood To Coast Pacific City – FAQ

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How big is Hood To Coast Pacific City?

Hood To Coast Pacific City has been sparked by the overwhelming popularity of Hood & Portland To Coast Relays, which is known as The Mother of All Relays. HTC is the largest relay in the world, hosting a capped team limit for the past 24 years, and has filled on “Opening Day” of registration for the past 18 years! We created Hood To Coast Pacific City to give hopeful participants another opportunity to take part in a Hood To Coast relay event. In 2018, the race will be capped at 250 teams.

Is there a walking relay?

Of course! Walking teams will follow a 52 mile course along the same route as running teams. The Walk relay will begin at Exchange 4 (A-1 Logging).

Where does the race end?

The finish line for the race is in the beautiful Oregon beach town of Pacific City. Participants will join their anchor leg runner, or walker, to finish running on the beach with an epic view of Haystack Rock just as The Original race finished.

How far are Bald Peak and Pacific City from Portland, OR?

Portland – Bald Peak: 30 minutes, 25 miles

Portland – Pacific City: 2 hours, 86 miles

How long is the distance of Hood To Coast Pacific City?

The race spans 77 miles, from Bald Peak to the sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean in Pacific City, OR.

How many legs are there?

The race consists of twelve (12) Legs. Each runner is required to complete two (2) of the 12. Find the Course Maps here.

Why is it called Hood To Coast if it doesn't start at Mt. Hood?

Think of Hood To Coast as a brand, a style, and a personality that has been created by our spirited participants from all over the world. All 50 U.S. states and 43 countries participate and in Hood To Coast Relay, and it is the unique participants that have truly made Hood To Coast a brand that is recognized worldwide. Our relays may not always have a Mt. Hood, Hood Canal, or beach, but they will embody the spirit of the Hood To Coast participants whether we are in Oregon, Washington, China, or Israel. We are Hood To Coast!

How long is each leg?

Each Leg ranges in distance from 5.3 to 8 miles. Legs vary in difficulty, from easy to very hard, due to the varying distances and terrain. Although these legs average slightly longer distances than Hood & Portland To Coast Relays, this is a very flat and fast course with the exception of a hill between miles 20-30.

When are the starting times for Hood To Coast Pacific City?

The race start times begin at 3 am on Saturday at Bald Peak and continue in waves throughout the morning until 9 am.

Is there a volunteer requirement for HTC PC?

No volunteers are required for HTC PC, just come out and have fun. If your organization is interested in providing volunteers for race exchanges and water stops, we would LOVE to have them! Please contact us via email at


When does registration open?

Registration will RE-OPEN Wednesday, November 15th at 12:01AM PST. There are only 100 spots remaining.

What is the registration cost for Hood To Coast Pacific City?

Running and Walking Teams

$800 – Until January 31st

$900 – After January 31st

What is the registration process?

On November 15th, team captains will be able to click the REGISTRATION link in the menu above. It is not necessary to have all members of your team by registration time.

Captains will complete the online registration form and pay the registration fee by credit card online. The relay will be limited to the first 300 teams.

Adding Team Members and filling out Race Pace Survey’s will take place at a later date within the Team Clubhouse.


Invite / Edit Team Members HERE

How many members are on each team?

Each team consists of four (4) to six (6) members.

I'm an individual looking to join a team, where do I go?

How do I change the Team Captain?

1) Current Captain must log into Team Clubhouse

2) Click on “GO” next to ‘TEAM: manage your team’

3) From the team members drop down menu, select the team member you would like as captain and click the orange “Make Team Captain” button

NOTE: Once the role of Captain has been transferred, the former Captain will no longer be able to invite/remove team members, edit team info, etc.

Can I change my team name?

1) Current Captain must log into Team Clubhouse

2) Click on “GO” next to ‘TEAM: manage your team’

3) Next to your current team name there will be an option to [ edit ]

How do I know my Team Category?

Please look at the categories below and find which one applies to your team. For MIXED teams, teams must be made up of AT LEAST half women (ex. 6 person team must have 3 women to be classified as MIXED, if there are less than half women, the team will fall under the MEN’S category)

  • MEN’S OPEN – Any age, at least one runner under 30
  • MEN’S SUBMASTERS – Minimum age of all runners is 30
  • MEN’S MASTERS – Minimum age of all runners is 40
  • MEN’S SUPERMASTERS – Minimum age of all runners is 50
  • WOMEN’S OPEN – Any age, at least one runner under 30
  • WOMEN’S SUBMASTERS – Minimum age of all runners is 30
  • WOMEN’S MASTERS – Minimum age of all runners is 40
  • WOMEN’S SUPERMASTERS – Minimum age of all runners is 50
  • MIXED OPEN – At least half women. Any age, at least one runner under 30
  • MIXED SUBMASTERS – At least half women. Minimum age of all runners is 30
  • MIXED MASTERS – At least half women. Minimum age of all runners is 40
  • MIXED SUPERMASTERS- At least half women. Minimum age of all runners is 50
  • MIXED WALKING – At least half women. All ages.

What is the Race Finish Time Survey and where do I complete that form?

The Race Finish Time Survey was created to help participants determine what they can expect to race during this year’s relays.  To complete the survey:

1) Login to the Team Clubhouse using your confirmation code
2) Click on EDIT: alter your registration details   Go 
3) Scroll down until you see Enter your most recent FINISH TIME for a 10k RACE 
4) Answer the question entering your time from a 10K race or all out time trial.


How did my 'anticipated finish time' get calculated?

AFT or a team’s Anticipated Finish Time is calculated using data from the Race Finish Time Survey filled out by each team member.  Data is analyzed and checked before entering the seeding model.  New start times, traffic patterns and team distributions create an AFT for your team.

Where can I pick up my race bag/packet?

Saturday, April 21st, 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Dick’s Sporting Goods – Lake Oswego
17799 Lower Boones Ferry Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97035

Sunday, April 22nd, 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Dick’s Sporting Goods – Lake Oswego
17799 Lower Boones Ferry Road
Lake Oswego, OR 97035


For teams outside of the Portland area, bags will be available at the start.


Bags/Packets include:

· Nike Men’s and Women’s Size Race Shirts

· Race Bib Numbers and Van Signs

· Start Times

· Goodies from sponsors!

·  Batons will be issued at the start lines.

Where can our team stay before and after the race?

Start Line Lodging -Bald Peak is just 30 minutes from Portland, OR where there is a wide variety of lodging options.


Pacific City Lodging – Visit for information on lodging in Pacific City.

Are there any opportunities to be a part of a Hood To Coast Training Team?

Yes! Check out the new HTC Training Team, presented by ActiveEDGE Wellness Center in West Linn, OR. Whether you are a veteran runner/walker, or you are looking to run/walk your first 5K , the HTC Training Team will provide the support and training to achieve your ultimate goals. ActiveEDGE Personal Trainer and Running Coach Willee Broberg will guide you every step of the way, while being supported by ActiveEDGE Physical Therapists, Dieticians, and Athletic Trainers. Click here to learn more and register!