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From Iowa With Love For HTC Volunteers

Dear Friends at Hood To Coast

I’m a 30-year-plus runner, but 2014 was my first ever Hood To Coast and I came all the way from Iowa to run it.  It was epic, a hundred times better than my teammates advertised.  

The purpose of this note is to thank the thousands of volunteers for their incredible help.  In all my years running in any event, volunteers are key to making the event go smoothly…but nothing compares to how the HTC volunteers performed.  Many had tough, thankless jobs (traffic direction at the transitions), yet every single volunteer we encountered was cheerful, enthusiastic and went out of their way to help the runners.  I’m pretty sure I wore out my van-mates’ ears by thanking every volunteer we came upon.

For any volunteers reading this, you guys were awesome, and if you’re considering volunteering for future HTC’s, thanks in advance!

Doug Jasper, Team Burnin’ Helsinkis

August 30, 2014

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