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Fantastic Red White & Blues!

What a fantastic time, to be able to experience the joyful Americana race vibe in the inaugural Red White & Blues 5k/10k run and walk in downtown Portland!  During the Fourth of July holiday week, it felt triumphant and redeeming to be able to celebrate a healthful running outlet like this with my husband and other fellow compatriots, while we later were able to enjoy a cold microbrew in the adjacent Finish Area of the Waterfront Blues Festival. With live, energizing music on course and at the Start/Finish, my husband and I loved keeping pace with fellow participants and having the opportunity to traverse over two city bridges while enjoying the beautifully scenic Portland cityscape, from the west side of Waterfront Park through the hipster Industrial east side. This cheerful morning celebrating America’s Independence doesn’t get much better!  Thank you and looking forward to another great RWB event on July 5, 2015! 

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